Wahu Surfer Dude Margaret Maddy is an amazing little ripper

Wahu Surfer Dude Margaret Maddy is a part of the first-ever self-surfing, self-righting Surfer Dude gang! Just like the rest of her crew, the purple-haired Margaret Maddy toy surfs and boomerangs right back once thrown in the water. 

Each of the Surfer Dudes comes with an internal ballast system that keeps them upright on the waves by combining the hydro-boomerang technology and unsinkable foam boards.


  • Wahu Surfer Dude Margaret Maddy rocks her purple hair and her pink and aqua ombre surfboard.
  • Internal ballast system to keep the surf dude upright on waves.
  • Combines hydro-boomerang technology and foam boards
  • No batteries required
  • Collect the whole crew for the ultimate wave-catching action (each sold separately).
  • Suitable for ages 6 years and up.

Enjoy a new seaside activity by bringing Wahu Surfer Dude Margaret Maddy to your next trip to the beach.

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